Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Unsane - The Peel Sessions (1994)

The awesome, pummeling sound of Unsane is one that has been much copied but never bettered. If you don't know who Unsane are then you really should not be reading this blog. Along with The Kittens album I posted a while back, I don't trust anyone who doesn't like either. I remember there being a point when I was a kid, my friend had a compilation he got from somewhere. On it where a selection of bands that would dictate our musical paths. My three friends followed the mundane sounds of The Wildhearts and Honeycrack while I was introduced to Unsane with the the song Scrape. Never looked back since.
This is a compilation of two separate sessions they recorded for John Peel ( a total of three where recorded over the years but the third has never been made available) back in May and November 1991. The live medley and "Bath" feature original drummer Charlie Ondras as well. Download this and bathe yourself in that crushing tone.

* Listen out for the string drop as Chris Spencer tunes down for Exterminator on the live medley.

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