Friday, 14 January 2011

Altered Beast - Toshio Kai - OST (1988)

How many of us got this free with the original UK Megadrive bundle? Yep, and how many actually completed this? Thought as much. You took the easier option of Sonic or Golden Axe didn't you? Well, I really don't blame you. Altered Beast was one of those games that people do remember. But its usually for everything other than the game play. It was a combination of the frustrating lack of extra credits, the wacky attack patterns, the assumption that you must be able to mind read the enemies movements and the fact if you missed all 3 blue power up balls you where fucked when it came to the boss. Think about it!
Despite all those bad points, Altered Beast was still pretty bitchin'. Come on, you could change into a beast that flew around the screen and fired lightning! That was pretty sweet. Plus you can't ignore the intended-ominous-but-shitty-soundboard-issues-caused-it-to-be-distorted legend "Wise fwom youw gwave".
I always remember the soundtrack. Toshio Kai, the man responsible for the Pac-Man theme, managed to compose a pretty memorable score, in fact its my most solid memory of this classic. So here we go, Toshio Kai's soundtrack to Sega's gateway classic Altered Beast.............

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