Saturday, 13 November 2010

Kittens - Bazooka And The Hustler (1997)

You only have to look around the Internet to find out how much love and respect there is for this band. For this noisy, angular bunch of Canadian kids from an isolated town. It sits comfortably between Am-Rep noise and Fugazi/DC sleight of hand while belonging to neither. They released 10 albums between 1992 - 98. After they split they went onto be involved with KENmode, Hide Your Daughters and Projektor. Cursed covered them on the Blackout At Sunrise 7". That should be a good enough recommendation for you. I do not trust anyone who doesn't like this album.

I was going to upload this myself but computer problems and the fact that the awesome folk over at [Shiny Grey Monotone] have beaten me to it not once, but twice in the past. This is there link. Show em some love while your at it as well.

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