Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Claw Hammer - Q:Are We Not Men? A:We Are Not Devo (1991)

We all should like Devo. Its a basic fact. In California, there was a noise rock band called Claw Hammer who really did love Devo.

These guys love.......

...these guys. Lots.

 They loved them so much they recorded Devo's 1978 debut album Are We Not Men? We Are Devo in its entirety, in track order and released it under the title Q: Are We Not men? A: We Are Not Devo in 1991.
In a very similar vein to Pussy Galore and the Exile On Main Street cassette back in '86, what you get is those well known new wave jams being smashed through by some noisy punk rock kids who would go onto be Wayne Kramer's backing band.

Maybe I could wax on about this some more but its very simple. You like Devo, you like noise rock and punk, you will like this.