Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Streets Of Fire - OST (1984)

Primarily made as a way for Walter Hill to combine, in his own words " everything I thought was cool when I was a kid" into one film. Which means you get lots of rain, neon, 50's greaser gangs, cool cars, jokes in tough situations, leather jackets, guns, fire, explosions and hot 80's women ( Diane Lane back then, come on!). He then managed to combine these with such cool things as Lee Ving punching out Rick Moranis, Diane Lane doing a pretty good lip syncing job, Micheal Pare over doing his tough hero act while still kicking lots of ass in his high waisted slacks, more ass kicking from a grubby, pseudo lesbian mechanic, William Dafoe in some PVC waders and a pretty sweet, pumping 80's sound track. With all these elements how could it possibly fail? Well it did, and turned out to be Walter Hill's biggest commercial failure. Despite being the main inspiration for Capcom's greatest future arcade achievement, Final Fight and being a true classic of cheesy 80's cinema. There really is no justice in the world.
The music was originally meant to involve Bruce Springsteen's song of the same title as the film, but on learning that it would be recorded with a different vocalist so Diane Lane could lip sync to it, he decided to pull out of the deal. Which left them with Ry Cooder, Jim Steinman, The Blasters (awesome) and Face To Face ( who also played the backing band The Attackers and also recorded the best song on here "Nowhere Fast") to fill out the soundtrack. Which they all do pretty well. its a solid effort from everyone. With the exception of "Nowhere Fast" and "Tonight Is What it Means To Be Young" most of the rest of this soundtrack has sunk into obscurity, which is a real shame as it contains some really good stuff. The doo wop tracks are good and both contributions by The Blasters are worth investigating.
Anyhow, here it is........................

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Jackman - S/T (2010)

Some nice and nasty noise for Boxing Day. This is put out by the culter than cult folk at Posh Isolation. 5 tracks of mega lo-fi, sexually repressed, bedroom black metal that veers dangerously close to something approaching Brainbombs being abused in a burning orphanage. This was a really limited tape so I don't feel to bad about putting it up here. Bathe in the mess.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Jason Dill used to rule.

Awesome skater. Went a bit loopy but I still approve of that. Popped up on the Osbourne's so I stopped liking him. Still, this is one of his best, if not the best skate sections he ever did for video. It comes of the awesome Photosynthesis VHS from Alien Workshop back in 2000. The music is the best song Radiohead ever wrote.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Toadliquor - The Hortator's Lament (2003)

Having spent all weekend under the influence of illness, I have fallen back on my usual tactic of getting over any bug or virus. Its a very simple but effective policy. Bombard your insides with all manner of drugs and potions, watch horrible revenge films like The Horseman, Dead Mans Shoe's and The Embodiment Of Evil and listen to twisted, horrible music. Of which, Toadliquor is most certainly very horrible indeed. Eschewing the melodic aspect of a lot of other doom, these Californian oddballs instead layered so much filth and noise on top of the standard doom framework and in doing so created one of the most claustrophobic and horrible things ever, ( I usually hate using overly dramatic phrases but in the case of this its justified ) an album that makes you want to have a bath after its finished. You do feel like you have just been wading through some industrial quality sewage.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Albums that influenced Oliver #3 : Cryptopsy - None So Vile (1996)

Hands down, the finest example of technical, brutal death metal going. Not only was it unbelievably fast but so precise with its song writing. I was sat in my friend Solon's house as was the custom at least 5 nights a week, when he put this on. Straight away, that sample from Exorcist III and then the berserk opening blast of Crown Of Horns ( which is still one of the best intros on any death metal album) smashed out of the speakers with Lord Worm's howl over the top.
That is reason enough in my mind, but then the album continues as it starts. More blasting, more crazy riffs, tons more guttural rumbling and high pitched screaming and then the bass. That is what still stays with me on this album, and the next two they followed this up with, the bass work of Eric Langlois. That is a huge influence on my own style and as far as finger style playing in extreme music goes, no one beats Langlois. Of course there is the piano and bass lead into Phobophile that everyone remembers and there is no denying the power when that blast rips in but Langlois brings quite a few of his own tricks to the table. Subtle little string pops and twangs. Tiny little dynamic shifts that benefit the album fully. This was the first album he played on and you can see the huge difference his style brought to the table. Listen to Blasphemy Made Flesh then this. No contest. They did follow this up with Whisper Supremacy and ...And Then You'll Beg which are both pretty solid albums and even more technical. They lost Lord Worm, had a few other vocalists, Lord Worm returned then left again, they recruited new members, changed direction as bit ( pretty shonkily if you asked me, they invented this style) and continue to tour and record. I sorta lost interest after ...And Then You'll Beg. I still blast this out all the time tho. The ultimate in technical death metal without sacrificing brutality and speed for technique. Something a lot of so called tech bands could do with taking note these days.

Cryptopsy - None So Vile

Here they are in there rehearsal space in 1996.............

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Jesus Lizard - Peel Sessions (1991/92)

Its The Jesus Lizard. I shouldn't have to say anymore really. This is a mix of two separate sessions they did for John Peel (god rest his soul) back in 1991/92. A nice bass heavy mix. They don't have the Albini clarity to them but I love how you can hear Sims bass thundering away behind Denison's guitar screeching. Don't think these ever got officially released other than being passed around the Internet. The Peel sessions where good.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Armour Of God - 3 Tracks (2000)

There really isn't much more that can be said that hasn't already about the overwhelming loss of Johnny Morrow back in 2002. You cannot deny the power of Iron Monkey and you would have to be blind to not be aware of its influence still to this day. Armour Of God was a project that involved JPM and his ex-Monkey band mates Jim Rushby and Justin Greaves alongside Sean and Marvin from The Varukers. The best way to describe the sound would be Infest pumped up on steroids while throwing in huge Boston style mosh riffs. Completely untrendy, no frills, aggro hardcore with those vocals raging over the top.
These three tracks saw light of day as a split with 3rd Stone on the Threefold label back in 2000. I have only included the Armour Of God tracks as I don't like the 3rd Stone side. The above picture is courtesy of the jacket destroying madman known as Nabbe.

As far as I know, these are the only recorded evidence of Armour of God. I have heard things over the years but nothing has ever really come up. If anyone knows different then seriously, swing us a line.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Sam & Dave - Hold On, I'm Comin (1966)

Gritty, classic soul/R&B masterpiece. Allegedly the title track was written after being rushed to finish up having a whizz, song writer David Porter responded with "Hold on, I'm comin". One of the finest vocal double acts ever. Without Sam & Dave we wouldn't have no Blues Brothers. And where would we be then?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Creation Is Crucifixion - In_Silico + Antenna Builder (1998)

Famed for ranting for ages, devolving Gameboys, erasing supermarket bar codes, releasing stuff on obscure and obselete formats and annoying all and sundry with subversive lyrics. Creation Is Crucifixion always seemed at odds with there chosen path in my eyes. Playing ripping, technical death/thrash/jazz/grind hardcore influenced metal and avoiding using half decent studios seemed a little odd. But it is saved by the fact In_Silico kicks much ass when it comes to removing your face not just with the brutal musicianship but also with the interspersed noise tracks (something they would go onto explore a lot more). You can read all about there funny little ways elsewhere online so here is there best album in my opinion with the added bonus of the unreleased Antenna Builder session tracks. Recorded on tour while in Germany. I remember seeing fliers for the brief UK leg of that tour. Never made any of the gigs, a fact that a friend always rubs in my face. Never got released, but there is talk of a long overdue discography. I got them over at the pretty sweet Robotic Obscurities blog. So here is a lost but very important piece of underground music history.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Leslie Nielsen 1926 - 2010 RIP

Surely you can't be serious? Police Squad, Naked Gun, Repossessed. The master of deadpan passed away yesterday. Provider of many laughs and certainly one of the key influences on my sense of humour. Rest in peace.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ennio Morricone - The Thing OST (1982)

Ennio Morricone's score for John Carpenter's classic. Certainly one of the all time great horror/sci-fi movies. This is a rare case of Carpenter handing soundtrack scoring over to someone else. Kurt Russel needs to have a beard in more films.

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Crow - OST (1994)

The coolest thing when I was a kid. A dodgy goth guy in make-up. A pretty violent comic book. The Crow was all of these things. It had a pretty sweet soundtrack. Medicine, The Cure, Rollins Band, The Jesus And Mary Chain. Here's the soundtrack.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fugazi - Inner Ear Demo (1987)

I remember seeing Fugazi back in about 2000/01. One of the most unintentionally terrifying/upsetting moments in my young music goer life was brought on by some metal chump stood right in front of me, throwing a plastic beer glass into the pit. Ian Mackaye saw this. The band stopped. he pointed right at the chump and told him to pack it in. it seemed like he was pointing at me.
Fugazi's 87 demo right here. Songs that would go onto make up on the Fugazi and Margin Walker EP's and Repeater three years later. Recorded at the Inner Ear Studio. Everyone should love Fugazi. These versions really don't differ from the album versions at all. Little guitar tweaks or slight changes here and there. I'm not going to point any of them out for you, work it out yourself. There is the added awesome bonus of the unreleased (officially anyway) "The Word".

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Kittens - Bazooka And The Hustler (1997)

You only have to look around the Internet to find out how much love and respect there is for this band. For this noisy, angular bunch of Canadian kids from an isolated town. It sits comfortably between Am-Rep noise and Fugazi/DC sleight of hand while belonging to neither. They released 10 albums between 1992 - 98. After they split they went onto be involved with KENmode, Hide Your Daughters and Projektor. Cursed covered them on the Blackout At Sunrise 7". That should be a good enough recommendation for you. I do not trust anyone who doesn't like this album.

I was going to upload this myself but computer problems and the fact that the awesome folk over at [Shiny Grey Monotone] have beaten me to it not once, but twice in the past. This is there link. Show em some love while your at it as well.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Albums that influenced Oliver #2 : Bloodlet - Entheogen/The Seraphim Fall (1996/98)

It was a hard choice to make as I have always, ALWAYS, insisted on The Seraphim Fall as the most important Bloodlet album to myself. But then after several months reacquainting my ears with Entheogen I realised that they both had pretty important reasons for being on here and finally after wussing out I decided to post both.

Bloodlet became known to me through those Victory Records sampler CD's, number 3 to be exact ( same place I discovered Integrity, Snapcase, Earth Crisis and Deadguy ). It was "Dogman With Horns" of Seraphim... that I first heard. I didn't understand it at all. The production was so lo-fi and murky, the vocals didn't seem to suit the music, it had this weird allover the place groove that I just couldn't get my head around. It didn't make much of an impression on me. Then on a trip to Vinyl Exchange in Manchester I picked up the album they did prior, Entheogen, out of interest wondering if it was going to be any different. That's when it clicked.

I loved everything about this album. The vocals had this nasty, twisted atmosphere to them that at first seemed odd but perfectly suited the way these songs lumbered out the speakers. Still heavily indebted to the whole metal/hardcore chug that Victory was renowned for in those days (before it went) but spiced up with twisted pinch notes and odd timings and a whole load of dissonance. But the single most important thing about this record for me was the fretless bass playing of Art Legere. That is what sealed it in the hall of fame for me. The bass just seemed to snake under the chugging and harmonies, the intro to "Eucharist" still gets me these days.
It was about a year later that I managed to get hold of The Seraphim Fall. After listening to the track of the sampler on repeat for what seemed like weeks I thought I was ready to face this album. Having spent so long with Entheogen I felt I had a good enough understanding of Bloodlet to give it a second chance.

It was the production that hit me at first, it was so murky and lo-fi. Almost sounding like it had never been mastered properly. Being the geeky and stubborn minded fan I was, I stuck with it for weeks before one morning when due to a delayed train I had time to listen from start to finish with no interruptions.
All of a sudden the production made sense. It snared you in with the quietly mixed acoustic parts before the almost, subliminal heaviness of the guitars came crashing down and all the while that translucent bass tone was scaling up and down the fretboard like crazy. All the odd chords, strange lyrics, dissonance and weird interludes just made it so much more important to me than anything else I was listening to at the time. I knew no one who was into this. It was my find. I absorbed as much as I could from that album. Hunted for any more information on Bloodlet that I could find. I wanted to know everything about it. Still a very under rated album and certainly one the band never managed to better in my opinion. There are links to both above. Two very important and influential albums to me.

 ( These where the fashions of the time. Blond dreads and shelltoes.)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Shameless plug....but Kyuss content!

Yes, yes. I know its a bit shady but I am so chuffed with the end result of this recording and the fact it seems quite topical in recent announcement's. Its my band, The Ergon Carousel doing "Allen's Wrench" by Kyuss paired with our friends in the awesome Throats covering "Odyssey", also by Kyuss. This is lovingly pressed onto a single side 7". Some very tasty artwork done by the lovely Holly Lucas.

Its limited to 300. The first 50 had a secret, stencilled B-side. they might have some left, they might not. Holy Roar do some pretty sweet stuff so have a mooch around the store while you are there.
In the other Ergon news the album is finally nearing completion. Re-mastering is being worked on now, artwork as well. its all coming together.
Fast is back.


Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Minutemen Duo/Watt and Hurley - Live at ATP (2003)

You like The Minutemen? Everyone should like them. If you don't know about them then get reading and hearing up on your history. They will enrich your life. Obviously the band ceased to exist after the tragic loss of D Boon back in 1985 but Mike Watt and George Hurley have got back together on a few select occasions. Just that wonderfully tight rhythm section laying it down. Here is a live recording from an All Tomorrows Parties show in LA back in 2003. They rip through 26 classic tracks.  For all these shows, Watt even set up a guitar and amp at the other side of the stage in memory of D Boon.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Jackals - S/T 7" (2010)

Been at Supersonic this weekend. Hands down equal parts awesome, eye opening and inspiring. I managed to pick this up while I was there. Been meaning to get it for some time and it was one of those "oh, that's handy" distro finds. Jackals are from Norwich. They have two vocalists. They are most definitely a hardcore band but veer close to power violence and crust during the course of this 7" and this recording is available free for download. It does mean you will miss out on the quality looking green/grey splattered vinyl and I do implore you to try and pick this up. It is being released jointly by Holy Roar, Power Negi, WWHRD and Wineblood and is easy enough to get hold of. Nice and aggro.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Busey week.

Yes, the living legend himself, Gary Busey. This week involves re watching most of the Busey in my collection and reacquainting myself with his deranged genius. In the firing line are.......

Friday, 15 October 2010

Bull - Tinbox 7" (1990)

We all love Big Black don't we? Agreed. Well everyone knows what Albini did afterwards. What of the others? Durango is a lawyer nowadays. Pezzati continued making music with Naked Raygun. But the most interesting was Dave Riley. Equal parts sad and awesome. Sad because you just have to read his blog to understand why and awesome because he briefly played in this here band. Bull. He only recorded this 7" with them and performed one very drunken show from all accounts.
Bull are still close to Big Black in the sonic spectrum but then there really aren't.. Obviously there is a real dude hitting the drums behind them. Nowhere near as mechanical or regimented as Big Black, they possess a looser, almost "jam" like quality. You get the feeling these songs just happened.
If you dig Big Black then you will dig this. Use that as the starting reference. Then enjoy.

Also there seems to be a video of this singles B-side "Revolver" accompanying some serial killer montage on YouTube. So seeing as we like both...........

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Vaccine - Demo (2009)

A short Sunday post. My current favourite discovery. Aggro as fuck, nihilistic, pissed off straight edge hardcore. Angry at everything including other straight edgers. Some dudes from Ampere, Relics and Orchid playing fast and short. This demo clocks in just over two minutes with 5 songs. Superb stuff.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Albums that influenced Oliver #1 : Mr Bungle - S/T (1991)

The 15 albums post got me thinking. I can't possibly settle with those 15. There are so many albums that have influenced me through life that it would be pretty pointless trying to list them. So taking a leaf from the old blog and my friend Paul's series of similar posts over at Because I Said So, I have decided to revive the infamous "Albums that influenced Oliver" series like Jason Voorhess in Friday 13th Part IV when he gets that huge spike through his chest and gets struck by lightning.
I was going to waffle lyrical about how awesome and influential this album was to my impressionable young ears. If you can be bothered hunting out the old  piece of shit blog then you can read about it all there. Suffice to say there was a time when I could nearly play all the bass on this album track by track, back to back ( sadly I no longer have the discipline or stamina to do that these days). Other than that I can't really say anything about this album other than it is truly one of those lifetime albums that stays with you. It has stayed with me.

This is going to be a continuing series. More than likely not very regular, just dropped among my other posts like dirt out of a trouser leg.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

No Comment - Downsided 7" (1992)

The definitive example of west coast hardcore/Slap-A-Ham power violence. I was always aware of the name but only really got round to getting hold of this a couple of years ago. Pretty shonky I know, Considering. I couldn't believe how intense this was and how musically accomplished the whole band was.. You just need to listen to Raul's drumming to understand. Allegedly they used to give him speed before gigs so he could keep up.

A raging classic.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


Abandoned in the pursuit of sport I bet.
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Friday, 24 September 2010

Turn Cold - Sewing The Seasons (2006)

You all know that band Dead Swans? Well this is what they did before. Good old, straight forward, AN/Boston worshipping hardcore. Fast to the point songs that stick in your head and finish before you even realise it.

"Because we are food for worms lads. Because, believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold, and die."

Mr.Keating - Dead Poet's Society

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

James Brown - Revolution Of The Mind : Live At The Apollo Vol.3 (1972)

The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz! Mr Dynamite! Mr Please Please Please Please Her! Minister Of The New New Super Heavy Funk! Soul Brother Number One, are just a few of the names he goes by.

One of the best live albums ever! Fact! But don't just take it from me.....

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Robert Ginty remembered

November 14, 1948 – September 21, 2009

Famous for his Bruce lee like " art of acting without acting" style, Robert Ginty non the less carved out a little corner of cinema history during the 70's and 80's. I remember seeing the video cover for The Exterminator (1980) in a local shop when I was a child. The cover image of Ginty waving a flamethrower while wearing a motorcycle helmet sold it to me.
Years later I came across a VHS copy of White Fire (1984)  and slowly reacquainted myself with his work. Despite the success of some major TV roles and The Exterminator he followed it up with many gung ho action B-movies. You may never have seen or heard of Codename : Vengeance, Mission Kill, Cop Target, Warriors Of The Lost World, Programmed To Kill or any of the others but they do exist.
He went on to have a pretty successful career writing, directing and producing but its these classics people will remember him for. Rest in piece.