Friday, 15 April 2011

Barry De Vorzon - The Warriors OST

Perfect Friday night music from a perfect Friday night movie. Walter Hill's 1979 classic The Warriors, as well as being all sorts of cool features a pretty sweet soundtrack by Barry De Vorzon (also responsible for the awesome soundtrack to lost 70's TV show S.W.A.T.) utilizing masses of synths coupled to a rock framework, chuck in a few original numbers and a little ditty co-written with Joe Walsh and here you have it.  I shouldn't have to fill you in on the plot at all but to summarise, it borrows its premise from Anabasis ( fuck you 300 ) by Greek soldier, mercenary, theorist and writer Xenophon. A truce is called amongst the gangs of New York, during the truce the main honcho, Cyrus is shot and The Warriors of the title are framed for the killing. The film follows the journey to evade cops and other gangs to reach their own turf in Coney Island. 
You should already know this film so lets look at the musical score. De Vorzon really hit the nail on the head with this one, managing to capture the city-at-night vibe as well as the tension and energy, its a constant chase film. Scene after scene of guys in vests running away from other guys in vests. The main title track is a good high energy number and a reprise of it is used for the coolest looking gang in the movie, the Baseball Furies, when they first make an appearance.
Don't mess.
The other main number from this was co-written by that dude from The Eagles, Joe Walsh and sounds pretty much like his day job. De Vorzon had collaborated with Walsh before hand on numerous occasions and when the film called for a closing number, "In The City" was written.
But enough of me warbling, here is the soundtrack. You should already know the film.

- I would also recommend the game. If you can't get enough of the film or just want to kick the shit out of people, steal car stereos and throw rubbish bins through shop windows its pretty much a must.
- Orson Welles was originally meant to provide a voice over for the film. They had planned on integrating excerpts from Anabasis read out by Welles. It never happened.
- The film was in post production at the same time as the vastly inferior The Wanderers. The Warriors beat it to the post, thank god.

Despite being a pretty full on sausage party there is the scummy but attractive, bra-less Mercy. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mistaken Identity

I have been signing my name as Charles Bronson for the past week at work. So far no one has clicked it, despite being on a daily safety check sheet. Let's see how long this lasts for.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Coalesce - BBC Live Session (2009)

Anyone that follows this will know how I feel about Coalesce, so lets move forward with the least amount of fuss and back tracking. I love this band. 2009, when they toured for the first time over here and in Europe they played 3 tracks as a live studio session for the BBC Radio 1 "Rock Show".

Here are those 3 tracks. "Wild Ox Moan", " The Villain I Won't Deny" and "Through Sparrows I Rest" all sound pretty fucking monstrous. The BBC got it right this time.

Stop hanging about.....get onto it.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Black Mass - S/T EP (2010)

So, I started playing with another band recently. Loud, nasty, HM-2 worship. This is an EP they put out on Holy Roar Records and came in this neat, metal tin.  Now sold out, now posted up here.

Been jamming this weekend as well. Written some new riffs, booked some new shows. Can't wait. Check out the bandcamp page for a pretty sweet noise remix/mash up of the entire EP.