Saturday, 24 April 2010

John Holmes - Everything Went Blacker (2003)

Here we have the final recording of the legendary John Holmes. As important to people as Iron monkey where in my opinion, to people that knew them. Maybe without the media popularity, but the various members histories and presence amongst the Northern UK music scene speaks volumes. True fact : The reason Narcosis started pulling faces was as a mick take of JH bassist Gords. It then obviously took on a life of its own after that. But that is where it comes from.
This album is a lot more stripped back than previous effort El Louso Sauvo. It has a more punk rock approach. When it first came out it took me ages to get into it. I didn't think it was any where near as good as previous efforts but I was very wrong. Give it a whirl.

Since they split in 2006, Dr Gords has been venting in Geriatric Unit and Dale has been busy with Goatspeed who I supsect also feature Bri.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Whale - We Care (1995)

Its Andy's fault that this is in my head at the moment. He made us listen to the single Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe on repeat a few weeks ago before we went out. This ruled music TV back when the afor mentioned single was charting. Everyone remembers the girls braces and that lollipop and those silver pants and two guys shouting in the desert and testicle inspecting and all the other great stuff in the video.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In/Humanity - Violent Resignation: The Great American Teenage Suicide Rebellion 1992 - 98 (2000)

After quite a bit of hip hop on my previous posts lets have something noisier shall we. Because, like they claim in Empire Records "thats why teenagers are angry these days! Metal and rap.".
Noisy is the best way to describe 90's power violence legends In/Humanity. Bearing from South Carolina and existing for a quite spectacular 6 or so years they put out albums, 7"'s and quite a few compilation appearances. The reason why they are legends? Having a sense of fucking humour and the intelligence and skill to inject there music with it. I'm not talking about stupid jokes and over the top attempts to be whacky ( 90's Fat Wreck anyone?) it was more a humour of pointing and laughing at others, in jokes that only they got. That is why In/Humanity rule hard. Schreeching, chaotic, snarling, discordant anti-social hardcore. This below is the discography CD that came out back in 2000. Its not everything they ever recorded but gives you a great idea and good place to start in getting your head around this awesome band.

The vocalist, Chris, went onto front the also pretty sweet Guyana Punch Line and is also responsible for my most favourite ideology Smashism.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Guru - RIP - Jazzmatazz (1993)

It was on the cards but still always sad to hear bad news like this. Guru lost his battle yesterday. Kick back and pay your respects by listening to Jazzmatazz Vol.1.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Company Flow - End To End Burners EP (1998)

Following up the previous Company Flow posts here is maybe my most favourite track these hip hop renegades ever produced. From 1998, released as a single with the radio edit and instrumental versions of Krazy Kings Too and Blackout, End To End Burners is carried along on a bubbling, dense musical groove led by Bigg Jus's laconic stream of conscience rhyming. Superb stuff.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Company Flow - Little Johnny From The Hospital (1999)

Following on from the hip hop post further down I thought I would upload the untouchable Company Flow and the final (and only second) album they released. Now, instrumental hip-hop may scare some folk of at the mere mention of the phrase. Company Flow are a perfect example of the Public Enemy school-of-noise approach to music production but with a far darker undertow. You always get the impression there is something just out of reach that you don't know about when listening to this. Superbly atmospheric beats and noise by one of hip hop's greats.

No one comes near.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Harold Faltermeyer - The lost Beverly Hills Cop OST (1984)

I say lost, it was never released commercially in all honesty. The only track from Harold Faltermeyer's entire score that was available was Axel F (a tune nearly destroyed by that ring tone sales tool Crazy Frog). Beverly Hills Cop was always one of those 80's movies that I and nearly all of my friends grew up on. It was on TV at least twice a year and quite a few folk owned it on VHS. These tracks are the rest of the soundtrack. The incidental music that accompanies Murphy's exploits. A few of them made B-sides of the 12" original of Axel F but until I came across them on my Internet travels I never knew they where available. They make ideal stakeout music or perfectly suit waiting at a train station or public place for someone.

Harold Faltermeyer - Beverly Hills Cop Lost OST

Originally Axel F was meant to accompany the part where Axel disables Taggart and Rosewood's car with a banana. It went on to be quite a hit. Alongside this one some of my other favourites are The Running Man and Fletch. Both full scores composed by Faltermeyer.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Various - The Bitter Days Ahead (2004)

I got thinking the other day about gig attitudes nowadays and the impact that only a few years of Myspace, Internet access and the like has had on live music. Not to wax lyrical about such matters as I am using the Internet to spread my word here, maybe just because this compilation CD reminds me of lots of all-dayers and gigs that we played years ago. And it is a perfect reminder to me personally of all the fun of playing those gigs. It was put out by Ghost City Records in London. Run by a really nice guy called Jack who used to live with our good friend Seedi. I don't think the label exists anymore really. He put out a couple of really good 7"'s and this comp. The track listing says it all really. Narcosis had played with all of these bands pretty much at some gig or another across the country somewhere back then. Most of them are not with us anymore, some are, some got shit. but that's the way it goes. It just reminds me of some really good, fun times spending all day in some pub down south listening to these bands and hanging out with friends.

Track Listing

1. Abandon Ship
2. Dead By Dawn
3. The Legacy
4. November Coming Fire
5. Trencher
6. The Deathskulls
7. Awoken
8. Injury Time
9. The Process
10. Voorhees
11. The Nothing
12. Patient Zero
13. Shank
14. Burning The Prospect
15. Army Of Flying Robots
16. The Break In
17. Ninebar
18. Night And The City of Broken Promises
19. Shackle Me Not
20. Broken Oath
21. Narcosis
22. On Thin Ice
23. Among The Missing
24. The Horror
25. Boxed In
26. The Sex Maniacs
27. Jinn
28. Break It Up
29. The Permanent
30. Wives Of Seth

V/A - The Bitter Days Ahead Comp

Its still a really sweet comp, and if your lucky you can still pick up the various releases these tracks came from across a few different distros.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


A re post from the old blog. Brody asked for this so here it is. We3 is an awesome, 3-part graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly that details the the escape and pursuit of 3 animals, a dog, a cat and a rabbit from the military. You see, they have been fused into armoured shells, equipped with weapons and given a higher level of intelligence from drug and steroid injections. Designed to undertake covert missions and act as a strike force in dangerous environments.
What really makes this special is the dialogue between the animals. Despite being only able to utter single, limited syllables they convey so much emotion within the story that you really grow attached to them and there pursuit of "home" as they refer to it. Which in turn makes the sudden bursts of graphic violence all the more striking. it has been described as Universal Soldier crossed with Watership Down. Silly I know but it does strangely suit it. Hope you enjoy....

We3 Graphic Novel.

It came from Lucid Media did this. So have a gander over at them if you fancy it.