Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Satanic Threat - In To Hell (2008)

We all have a love for the head banging fury that masters like Nunslaughter and the mighty Midnight obviously rule at. Now take members of both those mentioned acts and let them loose on some 80's hardcore records and you have this EP by Satanic Threat. Solid, US, 80's hardcore. Think Uniform Choice, Minor Threat, SSD and Youth of Today if they wrote songs about hating Christ and blaspheming. Solid, evil stuff.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

John Farnham - Savage Streets OST (1984)

Linda Blair never really had the career she deserved. I mean, having your first major role as a possessed child who shrieks about sucking cocks in hell and crawls across ceilings may not have really paved the way towards a glittering ascension to Hollywood A-list status but it certainly gave her enough cred to make a string of low budget and mostly sleazy films throughout the 80's. Lots of female prison movies.
Savage Streets was another in the long line of "urban revenge" films that followed in the wake of Death Wish and Taxi Driver. Of course it doesn't possess any of the class or social commentary of these two giants of vigilantism but it does possess enough sleaze to qualify as a worthy watch.
Alongside many shower scenes and some pretty sweet harpoon-in-gang-member action the film features an early soundtrack outing for portly, Aussie sleaze muffin John Farnham. The master behind 80's jams for both Rad, Transformers and the single "You're The Voice". Farnham's contributions take up the majority of this album and are as solid as we have come to expect from the man. In fact its pretty much a John Farnham album. Of interest, an early version of the track "Nothings Gonna Stand In Our Way" is featured on here before being used years later for Transformers The Movie.
Here you go. The album was never actually released to the public other than a vinyl only promo sent out to radio stations and DJ's around the films release.