Sunday, 23 January 2011

Coalesce - Last Call For The Living 10" (2000)

As I have said before, there are certain bands and albums, that if someone doesn't like, then I don't trust them. Anyone that reads this blog will know which I mean. Well Coalesce are on there as well. A prime influence on me musically and also one of the best bands ever. Fact.
So as a treat for a cold, dark Sunday night, here is the "final" release they put out just before they split up in 2000. It was made available at the "final" show. Of course, it being Coalesce, they reformed inside of 6 months and stopped selling this making it a pretty rare item.
"Last Call For The Living" is made up of very early demo recordings, when the band was still finding its sound. The recording quality differs quite a bit to anything else, but they are demos. Sean Ingram had not yet discovered "that voice" and his vocals on here owe more to the 90's hardcore scene they played for. The first 3 tracks are said demos and are followed by early versions of SXE baiting classic Harvest of Maturity and On Their Behalf as well as a early version of Simulcast. Bitchin' stuff.

Certainly a completely different listen compared to any other Coalesce album and only real Coalesce geeks will get anything out of this. But then if your reading this, your a Coalesce geek like the rest of us losers.

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