Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Soundgarden - Live at Brixton Academy (1997)

You shouldn't need much of an introduction to Soundgarden. 90's rock legends. If you do then your not welcome. Superunknown is on the stereo on a regular basis at Pony Trot Towers. Amongst the slew of live sets knocking around online, I have realised that Cornell seems to be lacking the ability to hit those high notes these days. While musically spot on his voice seems to have taken a beating doing James Bond themes and rapping some one else's songs. This is a sound desk recording from the last documented UK show before they disbanded in 1997. It was the Brixton Academy and the setlist is pretty solid ( despite omitting "The Day I Tried To live"). The crowd seem pretty into it and do in fact sing along louder than Cornell at points which does disguise his sometimes off key warbling. But hey, its Soundgarden. You can't and won't complain.

Only thing its missing is this masterpiece....................

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