Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sho'nuff Grooves Vol.2

I recently put together another mixtape for the night me and my good friend Macky are responsible for. Its basically us playing all the stuff we like while drinking cocktails and showing a whole host of awesome cinematic treats on a big screen. People get drunk, play air bass and dance in front of images of women being hacked up and dudes being dudes. Its pretty fun.

The mix features a pretty good cross section of everything we touch upon, Kiss, Oingo Boingo, The Time, Joe Tex, Stevie Wonder, NWA and loads more. There is also a Sho'nuff Grooves Vol.1 available here.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nihilist - Demo Collection (2005)

Not the actual Nihilist
The actual Nihilist
Before Entombed and Unleashed, there was Nihilist. These guys never recorded anything other than a few demos and a 7" single before calling it quits in 89 ( or they disbanded and reformed under the name Entombed due to not liking Johnny Hedlund, leaving him to form Unleashed). Thankfully someone decided to knock this compilation out in 2005 which compiles all the demos and recordings the band managed to produce. Included within is a Repulsion cover as well as Entombed's original demo. Bathe in the sweet, rough hewn, barbaric, late 80's death metal storm.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Koreisch - This Decaying Schizophrenic Christ Complex (1999)

I once listened to this album four times in a row. It was the only tape I had on me during a particular stressful and long winded public transport nightmare back from Sheffield after a Nile gig. Being the days when I had a Walkman, the batteries started going near the start of the fourth play, this album sounded even more horrific at half speed.
Koreisch sounded horrific to start with. A piercing wall of feedback, droned samples ( little girls reciting holocaust figures, extracts from Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes and Naked) and then the ragged blasting and sudden tempo shifts into distorted dirges of ringing noise punctuated by the harsh screaming. This album is more a ritual or trial to listen to, something to better yourself with.
Originally this surfaced out of the north of England on Screams Of Salvation, I do have an original copy around somewhere, and got a repressing and remastering by Calculated Risk back in 2004. Neither pressing ever sold very well from what I gather and Koreisch disbanded and moved onto In The Clear and The Kervorkian Solution. The download below is the remastered 2004 edition.
In a similar way that Today Is The Day make horrific noise as a way of dealing with life and to reflect there world view, so do Koreisch. Its a world view of complete failure and misanthropy.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mutant Video - Head Scan (2011)

Been digging this lots recently. Lo-fi, dark synth sounds for a film that John Carpenter needs to make. Pretty sure its some people involved with the mighty Iron Lung that are also involved in this. Information is pretty scarce but I like that. This has been soundtracking my dark, early morning rides to work.

Mutant Video - Head Scan

I acquired this at the always awesome Terminal Escape. Its a treasure trove of awesome underground rumblings and well worth a browse.