Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sho'nuff Playlist Vol.1

In our continuing adventures to make us seem cool, myself and my partner in crime Macky have been waving our Djing skills in the face of anyone that will listen. Having talked about it for some time we have recently had a few excursions into this field. Seeing as playing in the fastest band isn't going to make me famous, maybe I might have a bit of luck with this attempt.
Anyway..we have got this night called Sho'nuff ( I will reward anyone who knows the reference). here is one of the play lists we have been using. Nothing righteously heavy, we have got away with Iron Monkey and Sleep once or twice, but its mostly the sort of stuff we would be listening to at home to make us seem cool. This is what we have been spinning.....

James Horner - Commando Main Theme
Prizzy Prizzy Please - New Shoes
Tina Turner - Acid Queen
Company Flow - End To End Burners
Prince - Trust
The Fucking Champs - Policenauts
Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotise
Akira OST - Kaneda
Stevie Wonder - Upset Stomach
Doug E Fresh - The Show
Bad Brains - Sacred Love
Goblin - Tenebre
Vanity - 7th Heaven
The Stooges - Down on The Street
Steely Dan - Night by Night
Drunks With Guns - Wonderful Subdivisons

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hard To Swallow - Protected By The Ejaculation Of Serpents (1998)

Long gone but well missed by folk. Hard To Swallow where responsible for so much influence in UKHC. But only to people who knew about them. I came across this back in 1999 when buying some stuff from the Household Name distro. Got this album and the t-shirt because I heard it was some guys from Iron Monkey. Of course it sounded nothing like Iron Monkey and took me a few weeks of tentative listening before it clicked and I realised how awesome this band was. I listened non stop for months. Absorbing all the ideas and every twist and turn. As you do when young and when you discover something that grabs your interest.
Yes, it is hardcore. Its hardcore that veers towards power violence bug time. But never quite becomes it. HTS was this crazy, mangled beast of twisted riffs, dual screaming and some immense, inventive drumming. 
Basically this album became my constant companion on journeys to work and college and years later I ended up in a band with one of them.
Seriously, I urge anyone with a passing interest in hardcore, grind, power violence whatever to give this album a listen. It comprises of all the various 7" splits and comp tracks they put out as well as 11 new tracks written for this release. 25 tracks in total including some hidden live stuff.

Once again its a mighty list of bands that have spawned from the remnants of this band. I really can't list them all so instead head over to HTS vocalist Bloody Kev's blog Keep It In The Family! He has pretty much everything he has ever done available there as well as links to the HTS family tree.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Best dog.

Best dog going.
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Wednesday, 11 August 2010