Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Face lift - New year same old shit

There has been a little redesign. Gonna Make The Pony Trot has had a little face lift. No real reason other than the old one was bugging me. I tend to get bored with stuff after a while and usually change it on a whim. This is one of those whims. Got some good stuff lined up for the very few folk who actually read this. As I have found since stepping into the world of blogs, there are always people who have done it better before you. I am not trying to put up the latest or most underground stuff I can find. Plenty of other blogs do that. I just post stuff I like, that I actually listen to in the real world, that I would hope people with the same tastes as me would dig. Hopefully someone will find something to like about it all. Hopefully someone will leave some more comments as well to let me know what they think of it.

So there


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