Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Jackals - S/T 7" (2010)

Been at Supersonic this weekend. Hands down equal parts awesome, eye opening and inspiring. I managed to pick this up while I was there. Been meaning to get it for some time and it was one of those "oh, that's handy" distro finds. Jackals are from Norwich. They have two vocalists. They are most definitely a hardcore band but veer close to power violence and crust during the course of this 7" and this recording is available free for download. It does mean you will miss out on the quality looking green/grey splattered vinyl and I do implore you to try and pick this up. It is being released jointly by Holy Roar, Power Negi, WWHRD and Wineblood and is easy enough to get hold of. Nice and aggro.

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