Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fugazi - Inner Ear Demo (1987)

I remember seeing Fugazi back in about 2000/01. One of the most unintentionally terrifying/upsetting moments in my young music goer life was brought on by some metal chump stood right in front of me, throwing a plastic beer glass into the pit. Ian Mackaye saw this. The band stopped. he pointed right at the chump and told him to pack it in. it seemed like he was pointing at me.
Fugazi's 87 demo right here. Songs that would go onto make up on the Fugazi and Margin Walker EP's and Repeater three years later. Recorded at the Inner Ear Studio. Everyone should love Fugazi. These versions really don't differ from the album versions at all. Little guitar tweaks or slight changes here and there. I'm not going to point any of them out for you, work it out yourself. There is the added awesome bonus of the unreleased (officially anyway) "The Word".

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