Friday, 15 October 2010

Bull - Tinbox 7" (1990)

We all love Big Black don't we? Agreed. Well everyone knows what Albini did afterwards. What of the others? Durango is a lawyer nowadays. Pezzati continued making music with Naked Raygun. But the most interesting was Dave Riley. Equal parts sad and awesome. Sad because you just have to read his blog to understand why and awesome because he briefly played in this here band. Bull. He only recorded this 7" with them and performed one very drunken show from all accounts.
Bull are still close to Big Black in the sonic spectrum but then there really aren't.. Obviously there is a real dude hitting the drums behind them. Nowhere near as mechanical or regimented as Big Black, they possess a looser, almost "jam" like quality. You get the feeling these songs just happened.
If you dig Big Black then you will dig this. Use that as the starting reference. Then enjoy.

Also there seems to be a video of this singles B-side "Revolver" accompanying some serial killer montage on YouTube. So seeing as we like both...........

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