Thursday, 7 October 2010

Albums that influenced Oliver #1 : Mr Bungle - S/T (1991)

The 15 albums post got me thinking. I can't possibly settle with those 15. There are so many albums that have influenced me through life that it would be pretty pointless trying to list them. So taking a leaf from the old blog and my friend Paul's series of similar posts over at Because I Said So, I have decided to revive the infamous "Albums that influenced Oliver" series like Jason Voorhess in Friday 13th Part IV when he gets that huge spike through his chest and gets struck by lightning.
I was going to waffle lyrical about how awesome and influential this album was to my impressionable young ears. If you can be bothered hunting out the old  piece of shit blog then you can read about it all there. Suffice to say there was a time when I could nearly play all the bass on this album track by track, back to back ( sadly I no longer have the discipline or stamina to do that these days). Other than that I can't really say anything about this album other than it is truly one of those lifetime albums that stays with you. It has stayed with me.

This is going to be a continuing series. More than likely not very regular, just dropped among my other posts like dirt out of a trouser leg.


  1. The ONLY thing wrong with this record is that it is TOO DAMN QUIET!!!!!

  2. Absolutely fantastic record.I remember buying this the day it came out and my classmates (I was like 13 at the time) finding the lyrics to "Squeeze Me Macaroni" funnier than anything else on earth.

    There's so much going on with this record that it takes months to figure out everything that's going on. Still listen to this very regularly, along with the other two.Wish I'd been able to see them live around the time of this coming out.

  3. When i first heard it I thought "they must have about 25 guys on stage doing all this" it was overwhelming. Once we got Internet at College that myth was roundly trounsed.