Saturday, 4 December 2010

Creation Is Crucifixion - In_Silico + Antenna Builder (1998)

Famed for ranting for ages, devolving Gameboys, erasing supermarket bar codes, releasing stuff on obscure and obselete formats and annoying all and sundry with subversive lyrics. Creation Is Crucifixion always seemed at odds with there chosen path in my eyes. Playing ripping, technical death/thrash/jazz/grind hardcore influenced metal and avoiding using half decent studios seemed a little odd. But it is saved by the fact In_Silico kicks much ass when it comes to removing your face not just with the brutal musicianship but also with the interspersed noise tracks (something they would go onto explore a lot more). You can read all about there funny little ways elsewhere online so here is there best album in my opinion with the added bonus of the unreleased Antenna Builder session tracks. Recorded on tour while in Germany. I remember seeing fliers for the brief UK leg of that tour. Never made any of the gigs, a fact that a friend always rubs in my face. Never got released, but there is talk of a long overdue discography. I got them over at the pretty sweet Robotic Obscurities blog. So here is a lost but very important piece of underground music history.


  1. I was lucky enough to see CIC in a garage in Morrisonville, upstate NY, not long after their European tour. Super-nice guys, they said a lot of nice things about the UK, Europe and Mr Ewan Frater, and were pretty darned good live too. I treasure my CIC MITB-knock-off shirt greatly.

  2. I remember seeing loads of pictures from the Leeds gig on that tour. Dude had a cowboy hat and two microphones.

  3. Hey Paul, nice to hear they said good things about me. Especially as I'd willingly agree that I fucked up quite majorly on that tour. Most gigs cancelled, last minute 'donation' gigs. Only gig that got them proper money was the 1in12 fest i did. Young and naive.

    Exceptionally nice fellows though. The performances I got to see of them were incredible. A basement in Leeds and the 1in12 in Bradford. So very good.

    The thing I loved about them at the time and still makes me think they were a very special band is that they quite simply did not fit. Waaay too technical for the punks, too far out politically for the metal kids, hell too far out politically for the punks. Complex ideas don't often sit well with the crust black/white outlook.

    i believe at least one of them has had a hand in recent Bastard Noise output. more proof to the individualist pudding.

    unfortunately i never picked up any t shirts and i fell permanently sartorially deprived.

    there are quite a few photos from the bradford/leeds gigs and the singer certainly did have a penchant for cowboy hats. i'm fairly sure i have never been disappointed musically by a man wearing a cowboy hat. something for all aspiring musicians to take into consideration.

    i'll end by saying that i've had those antenna builder recordings for years and they really do deserve a proper release by robotic empire or whom ever.

  4. Cheers Ewan. Good to have some nice words to compliment my ramblings. I do agree with you on the cowboy hat thing. It's only lately I have realised how many bands I like and love wore them. That might be a good theme to pursue.

  5. I had em play the little Hilversum squat twice back in the day. saw em at the 1in12 as well. and in my mind narcosis played that fest as well but could be totally wrong.