Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Robert Ginty remembered

November 14, 1948 – September 21, 2009

Famous for his Bruce lee like " art of acting without acting" style, Robert Ginty non the less carved out a little corner of cinema history during the 70's and 80's. I remember seeing the video cover for The Exterminator (1980) in a local shop when I was a child. The cover image of Ginty waving a flamethrower while wearing a motorcycle helmet sold it to me.
Years later I came across a VHS copy of White Fire (1984)  and slowly reacquainted myself with his work. Despite the success of some major TV roles and The Exterminator he followed it up with many gung ho action B-movies. You may never have seen or heard of Codename : Vengeance, Mission Kill, Cop Target, Warriors Of The Lost World, Programmed To Kill or any of the others but they do exist.
He went on to have a pretty successful career writing, directing and producing but its these classics people will remember him for. Rest in piece.

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