Monday, 21 June 2010

Phyllis Hyman - S/T ( 1977 )

Been away recording this past weekend. Post recording blues have brought out this album. Long out of print and not as common as some people reckon. I got into this album due to The Boondocks, one of the best Adult Swim shows. There is a scene where two of the main characters fight in a cinema in true Shaw brothers style. The musical score has a sample of Loving You, Losing You. This is what brought Phyllis Hyman to my attention.
Its in no way as upbeat or fun loving as a lot of similar soul and disco from the era. In fact, apart from the lazy disco-lite groove of  One Thing On My Mind it has no relation to disco/funk in the slightest. Its a far more soulful record that has a surprisingly bleak outlook. Especially once you read about the late, great lady herself.

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