Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Orange 9mm - Tragic (1996)

I recently reignited my love for this album. Bought as a radio promo CD in a second hand record store in Las Vegas around 2000 - 2001 maybe? If my usual terrible memory serves me well. I do remember skating for what seemed like hours to reach this store that was right on the border of civilisation and the desert.
Orange 9mm always got a sort of bum rep when it came to critics and record labels. Often seen as another in the long line of RATM clones, they had far more going for them than the fact they provided Helmet with a guitarist for their final days. I liked them better than Zach and his lefty, shouty buddies at times. They had a far more hardcore grounding and I always thought they shared more in common with the minor key thunder of The Deftones and some of the tones and sound of the Am Rep stable.
I still love this album. I think always will. But enough gayness's Orange 9mm.....

 Look at all these turkeys!

Back in the days when everyone wore those work shirts with "Gus" or "Bub" on the breast and you couldn't move for Adidas at gigs. I bet none of these fools still has one of those posters. I would kill for one.

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  1. I was (and still am) a huge 'fan' of Orange 9mm. I saw them a few times in the mid 90's when they were touring on Driver Not Included. That album still remains one of my favorites. Strangely I never thought to find out if they ever realized anything else. Apparently they have quite a few releases under their belt. That's pretty fun.