Thursday, 3 June 2010

Eddie Murphy - Love's Alright

At one point Eddie Murphy was untouchable. Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours, The Golden Child and some superb stand up Sadly there was a point in the 90's when he decided to gamble his credibility on a musical career. He actually managed to make 3 albums despite the critical and commercial panning he got. Tonight I present his third album, Love's Alright.

I found this in a massive pile of broken CD's when I worked in a record shop back as a young man. I knew about his previous single Party All The Time ("put those phones on man") featuring Rick James, but this album made it quite clear Eddie had gone of track quite a bit. He managed to rope Elton John, Shabba Ranks, Micheal Jackson, Paul McCartney and tons of other folk into helping out on this album. In all honesty the highlight ( in the loosest way possible) is his dragged out cover of Hey Joe. Really does not need to be that long. That said I genuinely like Good Day Sunshine and Flower Child. There pretty good.

Here we go.....

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