Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Best Of The Best ( 1989 )

Tonight's post is brought to you courtesy of those wonderful people at Preston Poundland. For if it wasn't there foresight to buy up massive bulk stock of all 4 Best of The Best films on DVD and then sell them for the bargain price there name suggests.
And its with my trip down memory lane viewing of them that I have uploaded the original soundtrack.
The first Best of The Best is certainly up there with The Karate Kid as a underdog/martial arts/learning your inner self film. Following Eric Roberts, Chris Penn, James Earl Jones and the US Karate Team on there journey of discovery and hard knocks to beat rivals Korea (who are not actually world beating Karate contenders). Featuring some pretty sweet fight scenes and enough pump up music montages to keep genre fans happy. obviously not up there with Rocky 4 as the defacto pump up soundtrack but not far behind in my opinion.

"Drop him like a toilet seat!"


  1. Man, I haven't seen Best Of The Best in many a beard. Though I don't know where my nearest Poundland store is (I don't think they have one in Salford precinct, strangely). I think I might have to "Lovingly pinch" a copy of it from the good people at TPB to check it out.

    Good call!

  2. Its a stone cold classic. Poundland has the whole series. All 4 films for a quid each. Also they stock this series of exploitation films under the name Hard Gore. Got many a gem from there.