Monday, 7 June 2010

Nadja / Atavist / Satori - Infernal Procession.....And Then Everything Dies (2008)

I have held off posting anything I actually played on for quite some time but I finally thought "to hell with it" and dug this out. At one point I a few years ago I played bass with Atavist. I think I technically still do but we have done nothing for some time. In the time I spent with them we played a few gigs, recorded a collaboration with Nadja (still one of the most rewarding recordings I have played on) and did a tour with Nadja and Satori. This split CD was released to coincide with said tour. It was a absolute joy watching Nadja every night. A truely hypnotic experience. I mostly remember them turning up in Edinburgh the first night with guitars and suitcases full of pedals. Satori do the whole power electronics thing but there is something much more subtle and creepy about it. Live they had a very unsettling film that accompanied the noise. This was one of only a few things this line up of Atavist recorded. Different to the earlier stuff. Lots more ambience and lots more riffs. It was a awesome tour and after having spent most of my touring life in the company of hardcore and grind bands a very welcome change of pace to tour with such different artists.
This was released on Cold Spring Records, Justin from Satori's label, in a limited run of 1000 ( not sure how limited that makes it tho). It is still available I think.

Ambient, doom, noise, drone anyone?

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