Friday, 8 January 2010

Tractor - Demo (2006)

I have been digging through my personal archives recently. Realising I more than likely have a wealth of CD-r's from bands we have played with over the years and that some of them are still really good it makes sense to share some sounds that no longer exist or people never heard first time round.
Tractor are a band I became aware of due to the drummer running Superfi Records, who released a few things by my old band. I got sent this back in 2006 to review and remember it being one of the better things to be sent my way. They have this whole Unsane thing going on. Rumbling, distorted bass and pounding, echoing drums but mixed with a slow, Am-Rep sort of groove. The vocals are the biggest nod to Unsane, bearing that distorted, claustrophobic feeling howl of NYC's noisiest sons. If any of that sounds appealing then give it a whirl. I don't really know if they are still going but there are a few things that followed this release available at Superfi's distro.


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