Sunday, 3 January 2010


My latest obsession. Which is pretty good as I don't usually get mega excited over new music these days ( Not as much as I used to, the glory days of youth). Blasphemophagher manage to combine two of my all time favourite things, harsh music and nuclear decimation. They wear gas masks, spikes and military helmets and look like they should be advancing across a mustard gas, mud drenched field in some alternate reality of nuclear devastation. Sweet.

The Italian lot fall firmly into the Christ-raping, raw black metal camp but with a complete dedication to blasting and speed, which is always a good thing. In fact I would say alongside Dawn of Wolves and Black Witchery have re-sparked my love for BM over recent months.
Despite the harsh speed, its the obsession with atomic destruction and mankind's slow decay from radiation which I really enjoy. Its not surprising to see find them at home on the Nuclear War Now! label. Give them a go, they have some awesome stuff on that label.
I have always had a obsession with post-apocalyptic fiction and film. I really don't know why. Maybe it was the books they made us read at school being a child of the 80's or never being stopped from watching Mad Max for the 100Th time on a Saturday afternoon.

This is the one that I have been rinsing for the past couple of days. "Nuclear Empire Of Apocalypse". Flat out, blast obsessed, harshly produced black metal with the tiniest hint of noisy, underground thrash. Available here or go listen here. I was gonna upload it but its quite recent and underground so go buy it on vinyl from Nuclear War Now! themselves.
I can't recommend this enough recently. Superb stuff.

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