Monday, 18 January 2010

Santo Caserio - Four Songs 7" (2003)

Sweet, sweet screamo/emo violence/hardcore whatever from long forgotten but sadly missed Scottish lot. My old band played with these quite a few times and I was always impressed with there honest approach to "emotional" hardcore and clever use of saxophone in amongst the clutter of guitars and screams. The vocalist helps put gigs on nowadays in Edinburgh while the bassist, Youngy plays in sonic titans Snowblood. I have no idea what the others are doing.
This is the 4-song 7" they released back in 2003 which was packaged in such a nice way. Multiple layers and various little pieces as you can see....

Santo Caserio Four Songs 7"

That above link gives you the 7". They still have a Myspace up here where they have more tracks from a never released 10". They are floating around on other blog sites so its not to hard to find.

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