Thursday, 14 January 2010

Henry Silva and RZA

"Fuck HQ, I'm doing this my own way!"

After the recent purchase of Enzo G Castellari's The Bronx Warriors Trilogy Box set, and during the watching of Escape From The Bronx I was reminded about the awesomeness of Henry Silva. Veteran TV, movie and character actor and often seen in the role of the villain/baddie/nemesis etc.
First time I came across this brooding maestro of the screen was in 80's Alligator-on-the-loose creature feature ....Alligator. In this classic he played the big game hunter brought in to bring down the creature of the title. His screen time is limited but more than anything stood out even to my inferior child's mind back then.

He has brooded alongside Steven Seagal and Burt Reynolds, voiced Bane in the Batman animated show and kicked more B-movie ass than I can actually list yet most people couldn't tell you his name.
He starred alongside Forest Whitaker in the Jim Jarmusch helmed Ghost Dog : The Way Of The Samurai back in 1999, which is the other point of this post. The soundtrack to this awesome flick was created from scratch by Wu-Tang patriarch RZA and alongside Liquid Swords is one of the better Wu off shoots. Below is the Japanese version of the soundtrack, which is the most definitive one going. I got this from the awesome Substix blog where you can read about it in a far more eloquent way than I could describe it. Simply put, its an awesome, atmospheric effort by RZA to accompany an equally awesome and atmospheric film that I can't recommend enough.

Ghost Dog OST : Part 1
Ghost Dog OST : Part 2

Here's to Henry Silva and RZA.

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