Monday, 25 January 2010

The Kids Of Widney High - Lets Get Busy (2001)

Now, like most people who heard about this when it was originally released back in 1999, I thought it was some kind of joke by Mike Patton. "Ipecac releasing an album of songs by some special needs kids from LA?" Yes, it does sound like a joke doesn't it? But there was no joke. He has said how honest and heart warming he finds these simple songs about life. Some friends of mine saw them in San Francisco at Patton's Millennium Bash and reported back about how nice and warming it was to witness them perform. The kids handle all the vocals while the music is composed by the tutors. It has been an ongoing project since 1988 and the line up changes as students come and go through the school.

The kids Of Widney High - Lets Get Busy

Get over the initial, slightly-wrong-because-you-are-giggling reaction and its a little gem of an album.

Pretty Girls music video

TV Documentary

Stop smirking!

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