Friday, 22 January 2010

Don Caballero

Don Cab need no introduction whatsoever. Instrumental, math rock masters. You can read about the band themselves nearly anywhere else on the Internet so I won't recite some Wiki biography. They rule, simple fact.
My good friend Stu hooked me up with this article recently and it made for such a interesting and insightful read that I reckon it needs to be spread around some more.
In 2000, while on tour in support of American Don with singer/songwriter Fred Weaver, the bands van was involved in a huge highway pileup. This and a number of other problems forced the break up of Don Cab. Weaver went onto document this whole tour and the dissolution of the band in his tour diary which was later published in the magazine Chunklet.
Funny, depressing, retarded and eye opening in equal measure. Anyone who has ever been involved with touring will see so many familiar themes in the story. This is the break down of Don Cab.

The Dark Final Days Of Don Cab

Enjoy. Cheers to Stu for this one as well.

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