Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Punisher War Zone + The Punisher kills the Marvel universe

My love of the original, 1989, Dolph Lundgren starring Punisher film has been well documented on the old blog. It is a far superior version than the shoddy-as-a-shoddy-thing, 2004, John Travolta cursed turkey. They tried, but the softening of the Punisher character just didn't fly with me as did neither Travolta's lumpen acting or Thomas Jane's far to chirpy Frank Castle.
So a further Punisher film was made. The Punisher War Zone followed in 2008 under a cloud of studio intervention, rumours and general on set trouble.
I did nearly miss this one. No cinema release over this side of the Atlantic meant it slid onto DVD pretty slyly and I kept noticing it for about a year before finally grabbing it up ( at a bargain price of 4 queen heads!) and I regretted not doing so sooner after viewing.
It knocks the 2004 version apart from the off. Death, gore, guns galore and in Ray Stevenson a much better suited and believable Punisher than Thomas Jane. He lives in the sewers and actually kills folk with guns! Instantly better.
Dominic West is a superb, cartoon villain and the action set-pieces are full of as much gore and bullets as Punisher fans expect. Every aspect of this is infinitely better than the 2004 version. Its actually an 18 Cert as well!
I would ramble on about the film but I ain't the best about writing/talking/explaining stuff so I have uploaded this interesting addition to the Punisher library of original stories for download.
The Punisher kills The Marvel Universe was a one-shot from 1995 that changed various details about Frank Castle's back story to accommodate the plot. A plot that was pretty off its head but also pretty unintentionally funny. Basically, the Punisher spends the story tracking down and exterminating the entire, super powered, Marvel universe characters. That's right, he shoots them all dead, or blows them up, or melts them, or executes them. Superbly funny stuff.

The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe

You will need the Comic Book Reader program. But its free and mega easy to find on the Internet so I won't link you to it or anything, you should be able to manage that one yourself.

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