Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Canvas - Lost In Rock (2001)

Second Canvas post. First one below or here. This is the final release they put out in 2001 on Household Name. It was something that at the time, and even now, seems quite an odd release for that label. But what the hell.
Canvas pretty much stepped away from any hardcore affiliations with Lost In Rock. The style of riffs, the even more off-time drumming, the obvious post-punk influences and the even more left-field vocals. Somewhere between an Ozzy like howl before flipping into a high pitched shriek. The most notable influence (yet even only in a very weighty riff way) is Neurosis, but that is a very loose and obvious reference. Its a bit to difficult to describe this album fully, so a better way would be to list the instruments used, which can be found in the linear notes.

Electric guitars
Bass guitars
Acoustic guitars
Electro acoustic guitars
Analog synthesizer
Effects unit
Drum machine
Fisherprice Activity Centre

Canvas - Lost In Rock

The band called it quits not to long after this. Since then they have all moved on with quite different musical careers. Members have been involved with Humanfly, Born From Pain, Hood, Tigers, Beecher, Tangaroa and quite a few more that I can't recall anytime soon.
To end. I loved Canvas. Still do. Certainly opened my young eyes to experimentation and progression within music. Godbless.

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