Tuesday, 9 February 2010

D-rail - 3 Track (2006)

D-rail where the bullet proof band from Leeds that did what they did before anyone cared about them or started following the same trends. If you ever saw them live you will completely understand how good this band where. If you where ever on tour, you will have stayed and partied at the D-rail house. My old band shared a label with them for a while and played with them on so many different occasions. Here is a 3 track sampler that came out before there first album "The Kinetics Of A Decaying Structure". It contains different versions of the album tracks.

D-rail - 3 Track Sampler

Much missed but its still possible to get there final recording from Thirty Days of Night Records. Since they split the members have been sighted with The Lock & Keys, Death Hand Approaching and Black Fang.

It makes sense if you where there.

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