Sunday, 7 February 2010

Gatechien - S/T (2004)

This comes from my very lax attempts to put gigs on years ago in Liverpool. It was more really helping out some friends who already did it. It was pretty fun. Saw some awesome bands. One of those bands was French drum/bass duo Gatechien who we put on. Really surprised me at how much I enjoyed them. Its pretty common nowadays with the whole 2-piece/bass + drum setup, everybody is doing it. Gatechien stray away from the loud/distorted nature of a lot of that stuff, instead they have this whole Joe Lally crossed with math rock crossed with an almost pop-like element of melody. I believe this is album number 2. They are onto the fourth one at the moment. I do really love this album, download and have a listen.

Gatechien - S/T

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