Monday, 22 February 2010

Canvas - S/T (1999)

Long forgotten about except for people in the know at the time. Canvas where the black sheep of UKHC back at the turn of the millennium. Based on Household Name Records ( back before they jettisoned the whole metal/hardcore angle and pursued easier listening avenues) and possessing a sound far harsher and ear shredding than any of there peers, Canvas progressed from the early Unborn, Slayer and Catharsis influenced screeching metalcore to something altogether different. But more of that later.
For now is the first full release they ever did. Released back in 1998, this self-titled release collects together the first 2 years of the bands adventures in recording land. Culled from demos, splits and releases that never got um...released. Its rough in places but I still love this album. Canvas took metallic hardcore and combined that with death metal, black metal, noise and power electronic influences and threw the results onto tape. It didn't always work but when it did it was pretty forceful and gave you a hint at what was to come.

Canvas - S/T

More to come soon.

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