Thursday, 31 December 2009

Steve Albini + Andrew WK

A post of two half's. First a little ditty inspired by my recent time at work and then some partying for the New Year.
As a career musician ( I use that in the loosest sense when referring to myself) I have often been asked by fellow co-workers why I spend all my money and lose so much sleep over my chosen path. Why I continue to travel around playing gigs to 15 - 20 people for little to no money at all. The biggest one is always if I have albums available in shops and around the world, and I have played gigs outside of this wretched country why am I not famous.
You can never really answer this without the person thinking you are stupid or just plain "weird" for not giving up already. Steve Albini has probably been asked a similar question many times. Nowadays he loves online poker and recording bands but back in the early 90's he wrote a article for Maximum Rock 'n' Roll about the effect major labels have on the small, Indy band and where all that money really goes. Steve knows a thing or two about the music industry.

Steve Albini lays it down!

So onto the party. New Years Eve and all that rubbish. You mention Andrew WK and you immediately think of the word "PARTY" in massive neon lights and with fireworks blasting off around it. This is the album that most people remember him for and also his best really. Its a simple, one-trick pony of an album but does indeed make you feel like partying.

Andrew WK - I Get Wet

Happy New Year dickheads

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