Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Yes, again. This was up on the old blog a couple of times. Really just because I love it so much. Got into it about a year ago and has not been out of the transit music library ( car stereo) since then.
Ashbury, for what information I can track down on the internet, never really got that much notice. They existed for some years. This was recorded in 1983 but doesn't really sound very indicative of the times. Instead it recalls elements of Wishbone Ash, Fleetwood Mac, some gritty southern guitar and a tiny sprinkling of Led Zep. Which on paper sounds like a terrible concoction but to the ear works amazingly well. A well written, folk tinged, 70's rock record, made in the 80's.

Ashbury - Endless Skies

I will not take shit from anyone for liking this, it is an awesome album.

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