Thursday, 17 December 2009

Charlie B has a Death Wish

Charles Bronson, actor, weather worn face of steely determination and laconic style. Micheal Winner made loads of cash of him. The reason why? Well Bronson starred in a film called Death Wish. Winner's greatest achievement. Adapted from a novel by Brian Garfield. This film went on to spawn some pretty shit sequels but the original 1974 version is still a favourite of mine. You can read all about it elsewhere on the Internet so I won't bother regaling the tale and plot.
The soundtrack is the main point of this post. Composed by Herbie Hancock, who got the job due to Micheal Wiener's girlfriend at the time ( Sesame Street's Marie) being a big jazz fan and going on about the Head Hunters album to the fat prick. This soundtrack perfectly suits the mood of the film, using the basic setup of The Head Hunters sound and stripping the wilder elements away he created a very sparse but striking accompaniment to the onscreen retribution.
So read the above wankery and download it below.

Death Wish - OST

on a related note, here is the discography of Charles Bronson, the awesome 90's power violence/hardcore band that pissed people off, had lots to say and made a right racket. Loads of samples from Bronson films and other things, lots of shouting and a nice snotty attitude to match.

Charles Bronson - Discography

Tons of Bronson fun can be found at the suitable amusing Don't Mess With Charles Bronson blog.

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