Sunday, 13 December 2009

Black Cobra - The bad one and good one.

I watch a lot of films. Lots of films infact. Most of them are terrible or just bad, I don't know why. I just like them. I like to think I have pretty good taste in shit films.
So when the chance to purchase Fred Williamson kicking ass for less than two queen heads came up there really was no other option.
Black Cobra is plain terrible tho. Not even in that "so bad its funny" way that true-shit-classic White Fire ( there will be much more written about this later) is. Just look at the cover art......

( My copy does not look like this. )

See, that screams "massive macho action fun" doesn't it. Sadly, that above image is way more exciting than the actual film is. Its about a girl that witnesses a murder and is chased by this nasty bunch of bikers and only Fred Williamson can protect her. Bear in mind this is set in New York, but obviously the budget couldn't meet this important script requirment so they filmed it in Manilla. This is why there is a beach scene, but New York has no beaches does it? Stock footage of New York streets follow the opening credits but thats about it, during the film it could be set anywhere.

These sort of films cropped up all through the 80's, usually not to long after a similar Hollywood effort appeared. in this case, Stallone's "Cobra". Fred Williamson is pretty solid tho. That can be said and I can imagine that everyone involved knew what a huge turkey of a film they where working on. Single best scene is the bit where Fred slides across a hospital corridor while shooting. The light catches the patch of grease beautifully just before he makes the dive.
They also made 3 sequels to this as well. All filmed in Manilla but for those they had a hostage swap/police trade/interpol plotline that explained the surroundings.

The good Black Cobra is the band. Awesome 2-piece sludge/doom/rock featuring memebrs of Acid king. I really don't know how to describe them without using those terms. Been going some years and have about 3 albums out last time I looked. Saw them supporting The Sword and Saviours a few years ago. They absolutly destroyed, three full Orange stacks for one guitar! Superb.
This is the EP they released back in 2004 and alongside the first album Bestial is the best stuff they have done in my usual retarded opinion.

Black Cobra - S/T EP

Its an awesome little listen so do the right thing and go get the albums as well. Bestial followed by the others.

Get rockin with Black Cobra!
Listen to Black Cobra!


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