Saturday, 19 December 2009

Filthy filthy Filthpact.

Once upon a time. I was in a band that played quite a lot of gigs and travelled around annoying folk with our racket. We used to play Scotland every so often and one of the best bands we played with while up there was Aberdeen's Filthpact. One time it was a club that was shutting down, Filthpact kindly fed us, put us up for the night and introduced us to the delights of Buckfast. They have split now, but in there short existence they toured Europe and the UK and did quite a few recordings. This is the only one I have. 6 tracks of aggro, crusty hardcore with some little metal touches. Nothing new I know but they did it so well.

Filthpact - The Watering Down of Hardcore EP

A few of the Filthpact boys have been sighted since playing noisy grind in Ablach and Uncalm. Go have a listen and that.

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