Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Bellrays - Meet The Bellrays ( 2002 )

Final post for this weekend. The super greasy, sleazy and sexy tones of LA's The Bellrays.
This came out at a time when there was a huge interest in that garage rock sound. The White Stripes and The Hives where in the big leagues and lots of labels where looking for bands to latch onto that success, or who at least had "the" before there name. The record shop I used to work at stocked this album. My friend Jason was big time into this Detroit sounding garage rock revival and ordered in lots of albums that had a buzz about them. One of those was "Meet The Bellrays". Of course once the drums-falling-down-a-flight-of-stairs and feedback intro crashed out of the shops speakers we got busted by management and told to turn it off. So we kept listening to it when we could and we realised that they where a million miles away from those other bands. The Bellrays had balls. Big, angry, loud balls that listened to The Stooges, MC5 and old soul and Motown. They had this huge voiced black woman called Lisa Kekaula ( who according to Jason was terrifying when he saw them live ) who sounds like she is channeling Tina Turner and Iggy at the same time.
Better than most bands that mine this vein of music. The Bellrays kick ass.

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