Saturday, 10 July 2010

Triac - Splits Comp ( 2003 - 2005 )

Once again the archives have been raided. This was the haul. Some fine, fine grinding from Baltimore courtesy of Triac.
I came into possession of this CD when my old band toured with Pig Destroyer. They had a merch guy called Blake, who at the time was the vocalist in Triac ( and, coincidently enough now plays in PD doing noise and electronics). We would talk each night, sat behind the merch table while we tried to sell our wares about music and stuff. This usually boiled down to talking about Conan The Barbarian, Mad Max and old Carcass. Blake surprised me one night by handing me this CD and telling me it was his grind band. He had made a small number of them, compromising of tracks from the 7" splits they had with Medic and The Karma Payment Plan, to hand out to folk in the UK. So when I got home it was the first thing I listened to and it blew me away.
Triac are a very dynamic and chaotic take on grind influenced hardcore. I know for a fact the wide ranging influences they pull from and they do manage to fit them all in here somewhere. They swing from frenzied blasting ( check the opening track The Worm That Gnaws ) to slug slow discordance and into thrashin fastcore effortlessly. Turning-on-a-penny dynamics and vocal acrobatics abound. Plus, any band that references Mad Max is fine with me.

I do believe they have had some line up changes since this. They followed it up with an album called Dead House Dreaming which is pretty good. Give them a go.


  1. Thanks for this.
    I've been a fan of their abrasion for awhile now, always wanting more.
    I had no idea you were in the amazing Narcosis - that explains the great tatse. Cheers!

  2. No worries fella. I have really liked this CD ever since I got it. Last thing I heard was that Dead House Dreaming album. That was pretty sweet.
    Yeah did Narcosis for years. It was a pretty silly band.