Monday, 19 July 2010

Olivers favourite......

Christopher Walken moments :

At Close Range - Awesome, true life story of a small time crime boss. Sean and Chris Penn are both pretty good in this but its Walken who towers above everything.

King Of New York - Great film, great cast. Walken wins with his dancing, sudden bursts of controlled violence and his "love of money".

Suicidal Tendencies albums : 

Classic skate/thrash/crossover/punk/metal from opposite ends of the ST discography. Both albums in one link

Favourite film snack : 

Jonnys Bacon Tasties.....
(Wipes the floor with Frazzles every time.)

This is what tonight is all about I reckon. These 3 things ( 5 actually). Be as cool as me. But don't like them as much as me.

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