Sunday, 25 July 2010

In Cold Blood - Hell On Earth (1997)

We ain't had any Clevo appreciation yet on the blog. So instead of posting my favourite Integrity albums ( which I more than likely will at some point) like everyone else does I thought it more interesting to leave you this one. Integrity off shoot, In Cold Blood.
I came across this originally on a Victory Records comp in a record store in Orange County, CA about 10/11 years ago. They had the song "Lost In Doubt", which kicks in after an acoustic refrain with a shredding guitar solo before the bellowing and doom laden guitars start crushing. It made quite an impression on me. I heard this before I was aware of Integrity ( who where also on that comp) or any of the Clevo sound.
You can read all about the history of this band at other places on the Internet so I won't bother, suffice to say if you dig Integrity then you will like this. Its all part of the same sound really. Maybe ICB have a more old school approach to hardcore than Integrity did but still with plenty of lead heavy, metallic muscle to back it all up.

Its all over with inside of 25 minutes. Plenty of solos and fierce breakdowns that put to shame most stuff these days and it ends with a nuclear explosion. Holy Terror lives.

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