Saturday, 10 April 2010


A re post from the old blog. Brody asked for this so here it is. We3 is an awesome, 3-part graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly that details the the escape and pursuit of 3 animals, a dog, a cat and a rabbit from the military. You see, they have been fused into armoured shells, equipped with weapons and given a higher level of intelligence from drug and steroid injections. Designed to undertake covert missions and act as a strike force in dangerous environments.
What really makes this special is the dialogue between the animals. Despite being only able to utter single, limited syllables they convey so much emotion within the story that you really grow attached to them and there pursuit of "home" as they refer to it. Which in turn makes the sudden bursts of graphic violence all the more striking. it has been described as Universal Soldier crossed with Watership Down. Silly I know but it does strangely suit it. Hope you enjoy....

We3 Graphic Novel.

It came from Lucid Media did this. So have a gander over at them if you fancy it.

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