Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Various - The Bitter Days Ahead (2004)

I got thinking the other day about gig attitudes nowadays and the impact that only a few years of Myspace, Internet access and the like has had on live music. Not to wax lyrical about such matters as I am using the Internet to spread my word here, maybe just because this compilation CD reminds me of lots of all-dayers and gigs that we played years ago. And it is a perfect reminder to me personally of all the fun of playing those gigs. It was put out by Ghost City Records in London. Run by a really nice guy called Jack who used to live with our good friend Seedi. I don't think the label exists anymore really. He put out a couple of really good 7"'s and this comp. The track listing says it all really. Narcosis had played with all of these bands pretty much at some gig or another across the country somewhere back then. Most of them are not with us anymore, some are, some got shit. but that's the way it goes. It just reminds me of some really good, fun times spending all day in some pub down south listening to these bands and hanging out with friends.

Track Listing

1. Abandon Ship
2. Dead By Dawn
3. The Legacy
4. November Coming Fire
5. Trencher
6. The Deathskulls
7. Awoken
8. Injury Time
9. The Process
10. Voorhees
11. The Nothing
12. Patient Zero
13. Shank
14. Burning The Prospect
15. Army Of Flying Robots
16. The Break In
17. Ninebar
18. Night And The City of Broken Promises
19. Shackle Me Not
20. Broken Oath
21. Narcosis
22. On Thin Ice
23. Among The Missing
24. The Horror
25. Boxed In
26. The Sex Maniacs
27. Jinn
28. Break It Up
29. The Permanent
30. Wives Of Seth

V/A - The Bitter Days Ahead Comp

Its still a really sweet comp, and if your lucky you can still pick up the various releases these tracks came from across a few different distros.

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