Thursday, 15 April 2010

Harold Faltermeyer - The lost Beverly Hills Cop OST (1984)

I say lost, it was never released commercially in all honesty. The only track from Harold Faltermeyer's entire score that was available was Axel F (a tune nearly destroyed by that ring tone sales tool Crazy Frog). Beverly Hills Cop was always one of those 80's movies that I and nearly all of my friends grew up on. It was on TV at least twice a year and quite a few folk owned it on VHS. These tracks are the rest of the soundtrack. The incidental music that accompanies Murphy's exploits. A few of them made B-sides of the 12" original of Axel F but until I came across them on my Internet travels I never knew they where available. They make ideal stakeout music or perfectly suit waiting at a train station or public place for someone.

Harold Faltermeyer - Beverly Hills Cop Lost OST

Originally Axel F was meant to accompany the part where Axel disables Taggart and Rosewood's car with a banana. It went on to be quite a hit. Alongside this one some of my other favourites are The Running Man and Fletch. Both full scores composed by Faltermeyer.

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  1. Hey! I've been looking for this for a while, and can't find it anywhere else. It would be great if you could upload again somewhere!