Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In/Humanity - Violent Resignation: The Great American Teenage Suicide Rebellion 1992 - 98 (2000)

After quite a bit of hip hop on my previous posts lets have something noisier shall we. Because, like they claim in Empire Records "thats why teenagers are angry these days! Metal and rap.".
Noisy is the best way to describe 90's power violence legends In/Humanity. Bearing from South Carolina and existing for a quite spectacular 6 or so years they put out albums, 7"'s and quite a few compilation appearances. The reason why they are legends? Having a sense of fucking humour and the intelligence and skill to inject there music with it. I'm not talking about stupid jokes and over the top attempts to be whacky ( 90's Fat Wreck anyone?) it was more a humour of pointing and laughing at others, in jokes that only they got. That is why In/Humanity rule hard. Schreeching, chaotic, snarling, discordant anti-social hardcore. This below is the discography CD that came out back in 2000. Its not everything they ever recorded but gives you a great idea and good place to start in getting your head around this awesome band.

The vocalist, Chris, went onto front the also pretty sweet Guyana Punch Line and is also responsible for my most favourite ideology Smashism.

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