Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pine Barrens - Demo 2010 (2010)

Some nasty, local noise right here. Pine Barrens have been slowly getting there shit together for a while now, a few gigs, few mentions. They completed this demo late last year. I say demo, its a self released 4 track affair really. I don't know how to describe this other than its a very dark sounding, black tinged, thrash laced barrage of desperate rasped vocals and minor melodic riffage. Does that make sense? They even throw in sax and violin on the closer. Nearest thing I can think of is maybe Crestfallen ( I proper used to love that band, got that to post soon) with the core toned down and the BM turned up? Maybe? Dan Shaw is involved which means brutality is more than guaranteed over any sort of labelling or niche. Get it downloaded.

Those nice folk at Power Negi and Big Mountain Tapes are making it available on the trusty C90 sometime soon. Sweet.

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