Friday, 4 February 2011

Fuckmorgue - Down Forever (2004)

 Once again. Another Canadian band that went completely under the radar first time around, alongside the awesome Association Area ( that is to come soon). Another band that shows those Cannucks skill at producing quality noise. I mean just look at the list...legends like Crypotopsy, Gorguts, Cursed ( and its own family tree) Grade, Acrid, No Warning, Fucked up.....and so forth. Pure quality. Anyway, I digress.
Fuckmorgue are a lo-fi amalgamation of hints of black metal, crust, hardcore, Gothic rock, punk all overlaid with spooky keyboards and some very desperate sounding female vocals that all adds up to create a really interesting and unusual listen. I couldn't think of any bracket to put them in. Despite the added influence of the crust and black metal on each others worlds Fuckmorgue easily sidestep that. The only way I can describe this is to imagine west coast art rockers get lost and kidnapped in the cold, harsh winter. Forced into slavery and witness to brutality, murder and the futility of life. They escape and make a bid for Canada. Along the way they are forced to eat one of there party and kill animals to survive.........

.....this is what all that would have sounded like. Down forever. on a related note, some of this lot did go onto play in the sweet Kursk and Wolbachia as well. Another couple of bands worth checking out.

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  1. This might be of interest: Pre-orders just started for Fuckmorgue - "Dead, I Will Not Be Forgotten" LP that is being released on Mass Deadening in November - the release features all of the Down Forever material plus a rare 7 song instrumental demo, all of whcih has been remastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves.

    The remastered Down Forever material and two of the seven demo songs are streaming at the label's bandcamp site and preorders are available there as well.

    "Fuckmorgue combined punk, sludge, post-hardcore, black metal, and classic death rock into a furious snow flurry of negative vibes and frozen hostility. Corpse painted Canuck crusties death-obsessed and hell bent. Now you can have all the misery and negativity of Canada's most depressing city without having to go there." - Aesop Decker (Ludicra, Agalloch, Vhol)